$ 280
50 - 60 lbs
Small Stainless Steel Charcoal Rotisserie
Fully enclosed, temperature monitored motorized cooker
with rotisserie basket to keep pig intact.

Pig size:  up to 75 lbs (must be butterflied)
Serves: 30 - 100 guests
Heat source: Charcoal (not included)
Recommend: R
oyal Oak Hardwood Lump Charcoal
Large Wood or Charcoal Rotisserie
Motorized rotisserie roaster.
*New in 2017 - now comes with a cover (not

Pig size:  up to 200 lbs
Serves: 50 - 250 guests
Heat source: Wood
or Charcoal (not included)

Roasting box
Simplest roaster to use. Anyone can roast a pig and it cooks a
75 lb pig in 4

Pig size:  Maximum 80 lbs for Large Box and 60 lbs for Small Box
*Pig must be butterflied to roast
Serves: 30 - 80 guests
Heat source: ~50 lbs Kingsford Charcoal (not included)
Rental fee: $100.00  +
$100 refundable cash deposit due at
pickup, or can be paid online then refunded electronically

Customer responsible for pick up and return.
We do not supply the charcoal for roasting boxes.
Large Charcoal Rotisserie Cooker
Fully enclosed motorized rotisserie cooker

Pig size:  up to 150 lbs
Serves: 30 - 200 guests
Heat source: Charcoal (not included)
Recommend: R
oyal Oak Hardwood Lump Charcoal)
Flat Grill  (non-rotisserie)
***Has a side burner for chowder

Pig size:  Maximum 100 lbs
*Pig must be butterflied to roast
Serves: 50 - 150 guests
Heat source: Propane
or Charcoal
Sample Pig and Cooker Rental Prices
Large Stainless Steel Rotisserie Cooker
Fully enclosed motorized rotisserie cooker

Pig size:  up to 150 lbs
Serves: 30 - 200 guests
Heat source: Propane
or Charcoal
Roaster Pig  Prices-Subject to change without notice.
These prices are for just the pig which will be prepared and
ready for you to cook. Pigs under 50 lbs and over 150 lbs will be
priced individually

General rule of thumb:  Allow 1 lb/ person for hanging weight.  
Example:   Party of 50, recommend 50-60 lb

Berkshire(Kurobuta) roasting pigs are limited supply.
Please check for availability before ordering.
Add $150 premium from regularly priced roasting pigs.

Fresh, local pork
Secchiaroli Piggery is not a newcomer to raising pork. Established in
1911, our family owned and operated business has been providing high
quality, farm raised pork for southern New England for over century.  
This is what makes us unique;
our pigs are raised by us and sold fresh
from the farm. They are not hanging in a freezer, waiting for the next pig
roast customer to come along.  In fact, our pigs are roaming in large
paddocks until hand selected and prepared for roasting.  This means
you can count on your pork being the freshest available.

Pig Roast Rentals - Do It Yourself!
How about a new and unique way to entertain your family and friends at
your next party?  Whether you are celebrating a wedding, birthday,
graduation, company picnic or other event, a pig roast is a sure way to
impress your guests!  Our do-it-yourself automated rotisserie cookers
make it easy to ensure evenly roasted pork. We have 6 unique cookers
available to rent, depending on your party size.  

Roasting box rental: $100
(Customer responsible for pickup and return)

Trailored rotisserie cooker rentals: $150  
(You can pick up or we deliver and pickup, delivery fees may
Smoker rental: $200
Party size
Pig size / cost
Cooker /Cost
40 people
40 lbs / $180
Caja China / $100
$ 280*
50-60 people
50-60 lb / $200
Small cooker/ $150
$ 350*
80-100 people
90-100 lb /
Large cooker / $150
$ 435*
110-125 lb /
Large Cooker / $150
$ 480*
*Cost does not include delivery fees if applicable
Live weight
Approx. hanging weight
Suckling Pigs
30 lbs or less
$ 165
50 - 60 lbs
40 - 49 lbs
$ 180
60 - 70 lbs
50 - 59 lbs
$ 200
70 - 80 lbs
60 - 69 lbs
$ 225
80 - 90 lbs
70 - 79 lbs
$ 250
90 - 100 lbs
80 - 89 lbs
$ 270
100-110 lbs
90 - 99 lbs
$ 285
120 -130 lbs
100 - 109 lbs
$ 300
140 -150 lbs
110 - 125 lbs
$ 330
150 - 170 lbs
130 - 150 lbs
$ 350
2017 Copyright Secchiaroli Farm.   All rights reserved.
For more details on fees and other information,
visit our section on
Pig Roast FAQs
Two areas - one for smoking a whole pig, ribs, butts,
briskets, ect..., and another area for keeping product warm or
for grilling. It also has a propane burner for cooking soups or

Pig size:  Up to 150 lb (must be butterflied)
Serves: up to 200 guests
Heat source: Hardwood logs or hardwood charcoal
Large Charcoal/Propane Rotisserie/Flat Grill
Combo Cooker
Our most versatile cooker made its debut for rent in 2015!
Fully enclosed motorized rotisserie, which can convert to a flat
grill for larger size pigs.

Pig size:  up to 250 lbs
Serves: 30 - 300 guests
Heat source: Charcoal or Propane (not included)
Royal Oak Hardwood Charcoal
We have limited availability of certain pig sizes.  Please
contact us prior to placing an order.  
We will try our best to accommodate requests but kindly
allow at least 1
weeks notice.