$ 280
50 - 60 lbs
Do-It-Yourself Sample Pig
and Cooker Rental Prices
Prices are for a standard Pig and Cooker Rental
For Complete price list, see Pricing & Reservation
Berkshire (Kurobuta) roasting pigs are limited supply.
Please check for availability before ordering.
Added premium from regularly priced roasting pigs.
Fresh, local pork
Secchiaroli Piggery is not a newcomer to raising pork.
Established in 1911, our family owned and operated business
has been providing high quality, farm raised pork for southern
New England for over century.  This is what makes us unique;
our pigs are raised by us and sold fresh from the farm. They are
not hanging in a freezer, waiting for the next pig roast customer to
come along.  In fact, our pigs are roaming in large paddocks until
hand selected and prepared for roasting.  This means you can
count on your pork being the freshest available.

We offer a limited supply of
"Berkshire pigs, also known as
Kurobuta, which  has become, like "Kobe" for beef, a preferred
branding of a premium grade of pork, which is prized for
juiciness, flavour and tenderness.  
Party size
Pig size / cost
Cooker / Rental Fee
40 people
40 lbs / $180
Roasting Box / $100
$ 280*
50-60 people
50-60 lb / $200
Small cooker/ $150
$ 350*
80-100 people
90-100 lb /
Large cooker / $150
$ 435*
110-125 lb /
Large Cooker / $150
$ 480*
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We have limited availability of certain pig sizes.  Please
contact us prior to placing any order.  
We will try our best to accommodate requests but kindly allow
at least 1
weeks notice.
Roaster Pig  Prices-Subject to change without notice.
Prices are for just the pig, which will be prepared and ready for
you to cook.  See
Pricing & Reservations for current prices.
*These are only some examples of popular options.   

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