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Pig Preparation:
Pickup time:
Date Pig needed:(MM/DD/YY)
Phone number:
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We have limited availability of certain pig sizes.  

Email us to confirm if the pig size is available for your date.  Once  we
have confirmed availability, make a payment using the options
on this
. Please allow for variance within 5 lbs of min/max of weight range
for pigs.  

We recommend that you make a deposit as soon as possible to secure
your choice of cooker and pig.  Reservations are on a first pay, first serve
basis.  Deposits are
Cooker Type:
Pickup Time
Date of Pickup (MM/DD/YY)
1. Small Stainless Steel
Charcoal Rotisserie

(up to 75 lb pig)
Pig Preparation: Butterflied

Uses Hardwood Charcoal
(available for purchase)
3. Large Charcoal Rotisserie
Pig Preparation: Whole
Uses Hardwood Charcoal
(available for purchase)
2. Large Stainless Steel Rotisserie
Pig Preparation: Whole
Charcoal or propane
Roasting Box
Small (up to 60 lb pig)
Large (up to 80 lb pig)
Pig Preparation: Butterflied
Kingsford Charcoal
$100 refundable cash deposit due at
pickup, or may be paid online, then
refunded electronically when returned.
6. Flat Grill Cooker
Pig Preparation: Butterflied
Charcoal or Propane
Cooker Type:
Pickup Time
Date of Pickup:(MM/DD/YYYY)
Hardwood Charcoal (for
Rotisserie cookers only) or
Rub available

Charcoal is not the right kind
for roasting boxes.
Be sure to click on 'Continue Shopping' to add in each item
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***2018 pick up hours***
*Fridays: 12pm-6pm
*May be subject to schedule fluctuations.

Please contact us at pigroast@secchiarolifarm.com  
prior to placing any order.

Kindly allow minimum 2 weeks notice,with payment 1
week  in advance.

Once you have made a payment, please email us to
confirm that your order went through.
4. Large Combo Rotisserie or Grill
Pig Preparation: Whole for
Rotisserie (up to 150 lbs) or
Butterflied for Flat Grill.

Charcoal or Propane
5. Smoker
Pig Preparation: Butterfly
Trailored Cooker Rental Reservation:
Roasting Box Rental Reservation:
Pig Reservation:
Cooker returns are Sundays 4pm-6pm.
*Subject to schedule fluctuations, please contact us to
confirm return time.  Alternate return times may be
accommodated with prior confirmation.