Pig Roast Frequently Asked Questions
What size pig should I order for my party?
This depends on a few factors:  how many guests will be attending,  is pork the main
dish, will you will have other types of meat, how many side dishes you’ll have and do you
want leftovers.   In general, the rule of thumb is to allow one lb of pig per person if the pig
weighs 50 lbs or more, and ~1.5 lbs pig per person if under 50 lbs (as the yield of meat
is less for smaller pigs).

General rule of thumb:  Allow 1 lb pig per person (based on hanging weight of pig).  
Example, 50 people = 50 lb pig.  If you want ample leftovers, then we recommend
ordering the next size up.
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Make your reservation today!   Please
contact us for cooker and pig size
Include date of event, location, pig size,
and  preferred cooker

Contact details under Pricing &
Pick up times of pig and/or cookers:
*Fridays: 12pm-6pm

Roasting equipment returns:
Sundays 4pm-6pm.

*Subject to schedule fluctuations, please
contact us to confirm pickup time
We have limited availability of certain pig
sizes.  Please contact us prior to placing
an order.  Kindly allow
2 weeks notice.
Number of
Allow 1 lb pig*
/ person
Recommended Cooker
30 guests
30-40 lb pig
Small Roasting Box
40-50 guests
40-50 lb pig
Small Roasting Box, Small Charcoal Rotisserie
50-60 guests
50-60 lb pig
Small Roasting Box,Small Charcoal Rotisserie
60-70 guests
60-70 lb pig
Small Roasting Box,Small Charcoal Rotisserie
70-80 guests
70-80 lb pig
Large Roasting Box or any large cooker
80-100 guests
90-100 lb pig
Any of the Large Cookers
100-120 guests
110-125 lb pig
Any of the Larger Cookers
130-150  guests
130-150 lb pig
Any of the Larger Cookers
What are the pick up times?
Generally, pick ups takes place the day before your event.
Most events take place on Saturdays therefore Fridays are
extremely busy for us. We have pick up windows from
12pm-6pm on Fridays. We can however accommodate
Saturday or Sunday pick ups. We prefer that those take
place in the morning between 10am-12pm. You must call
to make special arrangements if our regular times do not
work for you.
Friday mornings are dedicated to taking care of the farm
animals.  And most Saturdays we are out doing pig roasts
of our own. Please take into consideration that
this is a
not a store with regular business hours. We will try
our best to be flexible and available for you outside of our
normal pick up windows.

How long do I have the cooker rental?
The standard time is 3 days.  Day 1 (e.g. Friday) is the
pickup of rotisserie cooker or caja china roasting box,
usually the day before your event, Day 2 is the day of your
event (e.g. Saturday) and Day 3 (e.g. Sunday) is
pickup/return on the day after.   During peak holiday
weekends, pickup/returns may fluctuate by a day, and we
would let you know in advance if more time is needed.  
Return times of the roasting equipment are Sundays
between 4pm-6pm.

Can I pick up the trailered rotisserie cookers?
Yes. If you have a trailer hitch we will allow you to tow the
equipment.  We will require a valid drivers license, current
insurance for the vehicle that is towing the equipment and
a credit card to hold for incidentals.

Do you offer delivery?
Unfortunately, our busy farm schedule no longer allows us
to offer a delivery option.  Mornings are spent taking care of
the farm animals.  However, we now offer an expanded 6
hour window for pickups on Fridays and therefore, we
cannot be out making deliveries at the same time.  You
must call to make special arrangements if our regular
times do not work for you.

Who should be there to pickup the rotisserie
cooker or roasting box?
Ideally whomever is going to be using the equipment (i.e.
cooking the pig) should be there at pickup, so that we can
show you how to the secure the pig onto the cooker and
answer any questions you may have.  We do leave you with
printed instructions, but being able to show you works best.

Is there a cancellation Fee?
Yes. The fee varies based on what was ordered. If you
reserved a date for a Cook and Carve you would lose your
deposit. If cancelled with in four weeks of your event you
will lose 75% of the total. If your order included a cooker
rental you could lose up to 100% of the fee. If enough
notice is given to be able to rent out the equipment again
we can offer a %50 refund.  If a pig has been processed
you will lose the cost of the pig but if it was not processed
yet you will get a full refund for the cost of the pig.
How do I know which cooker to choose for my event?
All of our cookers produce a great tasting product, however, some
take more attention than others.    
For pigs up to 80 lbs (up to 80 guests), the roasting box is absolutely
fool proof and cooks a really nice pig.  It's the simplest one to use and
a great option for the novice pig roaster.   
The charcoal rotisseries are very popular but they do take more
attention because you're using a direct fire heat source and have to
add charcoal on a regular basis to maintain heat.   The propane
rotisserie takes less attention since the propane tank provides a
constant heat source.

How far in advance do I need to reserve my pig roast?
Pig roasts are extremely popular from May to October and some dates
will book faster than others.  To increase the chance of getting the
cooker of your choice,  reserve your date as early as possible.  For
holiday weekends such as Memorial Day,  Fourth of July, and Labor
Day,  we recommend reserving as soon as you can.  The payment for
the pig must be made at least
two weeks prior to your event, but most
people like to make one advance payment so they pay for the cooker
rental and pig payment at the same time.

How do I reserve a roasting box for my pig roast?
After contacting us to check availability for your date, you will need to
pay the full amount for the roasting box rental ($100) to reserve it.   
Note: An additional $100 cash deposit will be due at pick up, which is
refunded to you when the cooker is returned cleaned and complete
(all parts returned in working order).

How do I reserve a rotisserie cooker for my pig roast?
After contacting us to check availability for your date, you will need to
make a minimum deposit ($50) for the rotisserie cooker to reserve it.  
The payment for the pig must be made at least
one week prior to your
event, but most people like to make one advance payment, rather than
two.  This means they pay the rental deposit and pig payment at the
same time.  

Example for reserving a 50-60 lb pig and small charcoal cooker:  $180
+ $50 = $230 minimum due.

However, some people like to pay for everything upfront, so it is one
less thing to worry about later.  
Example for reserving a 50-60 lb pig and small charcoal cooker: $180
+150 = $330

How do I make a payment?  Click here to make a
payment online!
A) Mail a check to Secchiaroli Farm, 62 Miner Lane, Waterford, CT
B) Use Paypal feature to reserve. Your paypal cart may include:  1) Pig  
2) Rental Payment or deposit.  3) Additional items like charcoal or
rub.  If you use paypal, please include date of pickup, so we can make
sure to match your payment with correct date and cooker.
C)We can invoice you an email through Paypal which will allow you to
pay it all in one shot or in increments. This is a good option for cook
and carves.

Will I get an email confirmation of payment received?
No. Paypal only gives you a confirmation number. There is no other
email confirming the order from us. You are more than welcome to
email or call us to make sure the order is received.

Where should I keep the pig until it is time to cook it?
We recommend keeping the pig on ice overnight in a large cooler, and
preferably in a cool location like your basement.  If kept on ice, we
recommend taking the pig off of ice and allow to come to room
temperature (~2 hours) before cooking it.