The family at the Waterford farmers market.
Meet the Farmers
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Future pig farmers in training:

Jonathan and Hazel have twin boys, Alessandro
and Giulio
who will one day surpass their old man
in thier ability to shovel poop.  

In addition, they have a daughter,
Amelia, who
absolutely loves going for walks around the famly
farm, and helping out at the farmer's market.

The children enjoy learning about pigs and are
eager to help at the farm when they can.
Featured on the Why I Farm Roadtrip,
honoring America's farmers.   
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Jonathan Secchiaroli:
Waterford native and 4th generation pig farmer, Jonathan studied animal
science at the University of Connecticut.   In 2010, he became the sole
proprietor of the family owned agricultural/ recycling business that began in
1911.  His daily routines include ensuring wellness of the animals, customer
satisfaction, and compliance with the United States Department of Agriculture.

Having a passion for animal welfare, Jonathan was also briefly employed as a
Lab animal technician, where he was able to broaden his animal husbandry
skills beyond just farm animals. That experience along with his farming
background and education make Jonathan a well rounded swine herdsman
who is always willing to help out a fellow animal lover.

When he is not found on a tractor or taking care of pigs on the farm, he enjoys
spending time on the never ending farm improvement projects, watching
movies with his wife and spending time with his growing family, including his
Australian Cattle Dogs.   In the summer, the family can be found attending the
local agricultural fairs.
Hazel Secchiaroli:
Hazel is a San Diego native who graduated with a degree in Psychology at San
Diego State University.   She developed a love for pig farming after meeting
Jonathan in 2000 and relocating to Waterford.  In addition to supporting the
family farm, Hazel has a full time job in the pharmaceutical industry which has
also enabled her to further her education by completing her MBA from the
University of Rhode Island.

Hazel has developed a passion for the local food movement and involves
herself by supporting local organizations whenever time allows.  She is
currently serving as board member on the
Northeast Pork Association.  In the
summer, you can find Hazel at the farmers markets in Waterford.

In her spare time (does a mother of three have any?), she enjoys gardening,
singing, going to the beach, and watching baseball games.