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Food Waste Recovery
Recycling Services offered:
  • Food waste recycling and consultation.
  • If your business is in the food serving industry, we can save you
  • Free consultation on your waste disposal practices can potentially
    save you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per year.
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What You Can Do

Follow the Food Waste Recovery Hierarchy

In Waste Not, Want Not: Feeding the Hungry and Reducing Solid Waste Through Food Recovery both EPA and
USDA recommend following the “food recovery hierarchy” below as the preferred options to make the most of
excess food. The food waste recovery hierarchy comprises the following activities, with the top 3 as the most
preferred since the outcome is waste avoidance.  The bottom 3 considered waste management are least
preferred, with disposal as the last resort option.
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle                                  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle          
  • Source Reduction – Reduce
    the amount of food waste being
  • Feed People – Donate excess
    food to food banks, soup
    kitchens and shelters;
  • Feed AnimalsProvide food
    scraps to farmers;
  • Industrial Uses – Provide fats
    for rendering; oil for fuel; food
    discards for animal feed
    production; or anaerobic
    digestion combined with soil
    amendment production or
    composting of the residuals
  • Composting – Recycle food
    scraps into a nutrient rich soil
  • Landfill / Incineration - Last
Depending on the size of your operation, by
source segregating your food waste  for
recycling, and diverting it from your waste
stream, you can save dramatically on your
current disposal fees. Partnering with us will
save you money!
In a typical restaurant, you may be generating
50% of your trash weight from recyclable food
scraps. Separating that waste would mean more
space in the dumpster for trash and less weight
in your dumpster. That should translate into less
money spent on disposal fees.
We provide a full door to door service or you can
save even more by dropping the organics off at
our facility.
Local Recycling. Global responsibility.
Did you know?  Only 3%
of food waste is diverted
from landfills?
Americans discard over
87 billion pounds of
food each year that end
up in landfills
Try us for FREE!

We are a Federally approved food waste facility!

We can service all of Eastern CT and parts of RI.

If your facility is with in 20 miles of us we will provide our
services for free for the first month.
If you are located outside of a 20 mile radius from our facility
we can preform our services at cost.

We are so committed to reducing your disposal costs and the environmental impact that
goes along with not recycling organics that we will offer to haul away your food waste at
cost for a whole year. You will see the savings!

We are adding new locations to our routes all the time. Call us to see if you are located in our
service area. 860-922-7608 and ask for Jonathan
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