Feeder Pigs
We offer crossbred feeder pigs from our own breeding
herd which utilizes genetics from Yorkshire, Duroc,
Landrace, Hampshire, Spot, and Berkshire lineage. The
pigs are fed a grain diet and raised naturally without the
use of subtherapeutic antibiotics or growth hormones.
Example of cross bred litter:
Landrace/Hampshire sow cross bred with Spotted Boar
Why are pigs more expensive this year?

There are two very virulent bugs that are currently causing
significant loses in the pig world. PEDv and Swine Delta
Corona virus have cause major losses to piglets. (Please note
that these viruses have no effect on meat quality and are not
transmittable to humans). This lack of supply is having an effect
on prices of feeder pigs because the demand is very high. It is
also causing an effect on market hog prices which have
reached record levels this year.
Please follow these links for current market prices.
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Breeding stock:
Our purebreds are generally kept as
replacement stock for our breeding program
but may become available from time to time.
They will be priced individually at the time of
Piglets~4-6 weeks old
Price for 40 lb
Price 40+ feeder
Add $2/lb to 40 lb price
Add $3/lb to 40 lb price
Add $4/lb to 40 lb price
Prices for Piglets and Feeder Pigs-Sold alive picked up from the farm or delivered at extra cost
Example of Berkshire "Kurobuta" sow with litter.
Heritage Berkshire (Kurobuta)
Slow bred for maximum taste
This results in highest quality  and most desired pork
by the finest dining establishments
Example of pure bred Duroc litter