Piglets  and Feeder Pigs
Currently, we are only breeding Purebred
Berkshires.  Other feeder piglets are born
at another farm and brought in to be
raised here.
The pigs are fed a grain diet and raised
naturally without the use of
subtherapeutic antibiotics or growth
Example of cross bred litter:
Landrace/Hampshire sow cross bred with Spotted Boar
What to expect this year
The links below are to be used as a reference only. It is not what I
charge. I put the links on here to make you more informed. Small
family farms like mine use this as a guidance to determine a fair
local price for pigs. On my farm I have a minimum that I have to get
in order to pay my bills and continue to produce pigs. Raising pigs
is not cheap and my prices do fluctuate during the season based
on how the market is acting. Please keep this in mind when
looking at the prices that I have listed above-they may go up without
notice but I always try to be fair.
Please follow these links for current market prices.
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Breeding stock:
Our purebreds are generally kept as replacement
stock for our breeding program but may become
available from time to time. They will be priced
individually at the time of sale.
Piglets~4-6 weeks
Price for 40 lb
Currently Not Available
Limited availability
Limited availability
Prices for Piglets and Feeder
Sold alive picked up from the farm
Example of Berkshire "Kurobuta" sow with litter.
Heritage Berkshire (Kurobuta)
Our Berks are humanely raised in stress free
environment for maximum taste. Like all of our animals
they are never given antibiotics or forced fed to
promote unhealthy growth.
This results in highest quality  and most desired pork
by the finest dining establishments.

****Our Berk feeder pigs are limited****
Example of pure bred Duroc litter
Spring 2018 Updates:
In order to spend more time with our young family,
we have downsized our breeding herd.  We
currently do not have many feeder pigs for sale.  

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you
understand the need for us to prioritize family at
this time.