Delivery to the butcher:
We can transport the animal to the butcher of your
choice or you can pick up the live animal at the farm.

Fees for delivery:       $3.25/Loaded Mile

Custom Slaughter
  • Salem Prime Cuts (Salem, CT) No Fee
  • 9 Brothers Farm (Preston,CT)
  • Maurices Meat Market (Canterbury,CT)
  • E&J Slaughterhouse (Willamantic, CT)

USDA Slaughter
  • Bristol Beef (Bristol,CT)
  • Rhodes Island Beef and Veal Company
  • Latella & Sons (Orange,CT)

USDA Slaughter and Processing
  • Adams Farm Slaughterhouse (Athol,MA)
  • Tazia Meat Packing (New Milford,CT)
  • Hilltown Pork (Canaan,NY)
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Market hogs (over 200 lbs)             

Our hogs are not confined and are free
to roam in large paddocks producing a
beautiful, lean animal. They consume
copious amounts of fruits and
vegetables, breads and grains that result
a delicious tasting product. Taste the
Hog Size
Weight Price
(paid to us)
USDA Slaughter and
Processing Fees
(paid to butcher)
Whole Market Hog
(200 - 250 lbs)
$ 2.00 / lb
Varies by Slaughterhouse
Half Market Hog (Both
HALVES must be sold
before slaughter)
$ 2.50 / lb
Varies by slaughterhouse
Roasting Pigs for Cookouts
Typically between 50-150 lbs, roasting hogs will
be processed, refrigerated, and ready for the bbq.
Guaranteed to be a huge hit at your next party our
pigs our awesome!!!!

***Pig cooker rental available***
- see our
Pig Roast section!
Price of Pork: (based on hanging weights of the animal and do
not include any processing or delivery fees)
(Prices are based on hanging weights of the animal and include the kill fee for
custom slaughter)