What is a CSA?
It is a food production and distribution system that directly connects farmers and consumers.
  • You buy "shares" of a farm's harvest and are making a commitment to support a farmer with whom you can
    build a relationship
  • Convenience for your family by spending less time at the market deciding what to buy.
  • Food packages are prepared for your easy pickup

Keep in mind the "average" person eats about 6 pounds of pork product each month. So a full share CSA would be
perfect for a family of five or a hungry family of four.

What kind of cuts can I expect? (See our Retail Pork section for more details on our pork cuts)
In the packages, you can expect to find an assortment of the following cuts which vary each time:
· Pork chops
· Ribs
· Country style ribs
· Farmer's cuts (Heart, liver, hocks, trotters, etc)
· Sausage (various types including chorizo, Italian, breakfast)
· Ground pork
· Smoked Bacon

**All cuts are subject to availability**

What is the pick up schedule?
First Saturday of the month

Where do I pick up?
Pickup from the farm or our farmers market locations

Prices include cutting, smoking and vacuum sealing of meat.

**Limited number of shares available**

How do I sign up?
mail: csa@secchiarolifarm.com
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Share Sizes
Pork CSA  From our family farm to your family's table.

The best way to buy local food is by participating in a CSA:
Community-supported agriculture (CSA)
  • Local food tastes better
  • Local food is healthier
  • Local food supports local families
  • Local food benefits the environment
Share Type
Share Size
Package Size
Price per lb
Full Share, ~$133/month
~160 lbs
~26-28 lbs /month
~$5.00/ lb
Half Share, ~$73/month
~80 lbs
~13-14 lbs / month
~$5.50 / lb
Quarter Share, ~$43/month
~40 lbs
~6-8 lbs / month
~$6.25 / lb